Prescription Sunglasses – The Sky’s the Limit!

Kayak paddle the coastline.The market offers many kinds of prescription sunglasses today to suit any person’s style and taste. For people who want clip-ons, fitovers are offered that are created to “fit over” your present eyewear. These fitovers are separate sun glasses that you can temporarily use shifting from wearing these fitovers with your prescription eyewear. Devices called “adapters” are prescription lenses created to easily connect to the bridge of a pair of sunglasses thus instantly morphing them into prescription or corrective sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses are now being used by some athletes for their sporting activities. Some of these players you can see on TV when you watch an NBA basketball game. The glasses they wear are like snug goggles which some of them in fact, are also corrective goggles that are designed for these types of activities. Prescription sunglasses are also widely used by snow sports enthusiasts, race car drivers, bikers and many others.  Prescription eyewear, some time ago, were difficult to fit into wrap-around shades. Nowadays, some manufacturers were able to find ways that enabled corrective lenses to be integrated into trendy wrap-around shades.

Trendy SunglassesLenses can be crafted from a wide array of materials. Glass can now be bypassed for other materials because of its high likelihood to break when hit and also because of its weight. Nowadays, prescription lenses are fashioned out of high-index, polycarbonate regular plastic (CR-39). One kind of lens known as a photochromic lens is tends to turn dark in bright sunlight and changes into a more translucent and light color when sunlight is decreased. These lenses are potentially useful since the user may not need to remove his or her corrective sunglasses to put on regular glasses. One thing to note though is that certain photochromic lenses are not created to protect eyes from UV or ultraviolet ray protection.

People with vision problems can now benefit in wearing polarized lenses. Polarized lenses can be utilized for protection sunglasses. This type of lens shields the eyes from glare as it bounces off sunlight on surfaces like snow, pavement, metal or water. Polarized lenses filter out light waves causing the glare but also let in the other positive attributes of light. This enables the user to enjoy his vision much better without needing to strain the eyes and squinting against the light of the sun.

It is highly advised to first talk to an eye specialist before buying a pair of prescription sunglasses so that you know the grade of glasses you need. You need to be aware that the grade of spectacles can be different from the grade of your contact lens if you are using contact lenses. Certain frame designs may not look good on you either because the lenses you need may be too thick to fit into the frame you desire or the frame does not go well with the shape of your face

Photo credit: Mike Baird

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