Don’t Neglect Your Vision – Eye Exams Are Your Friend.

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Each individual should undergo full eye exams at certain periods in their lives. Children’s eyes should be evaluated at 6 months and at 3 and 7 years of age for a few years while in school since studies have revealed that many pre-school and school-age children suffer from vision difficulty. Children who are highly susceptible to vision difficulties, such as those who have had eye injuries, family histories of vision conditions, flipped eyes, suffered from developmental delays or where born prematurely may need to undergo much more repeated eye exams.

Older individuals at certain age ranges may require eye exams in different regularities. Adults below the age of 40 and who have no discernible eye problems, should undergo at least one exam every three or four years according to the American Optometric Association. For those wearing contacts or eyeglasses, an annual checkup is required. Individuals with conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes among others may likewise need to have frequent eye tests.  People above 40 years may need to have eye exams once or twice a year while individuals beyond 50 years of age may require annual exams to test for macular degeneration, cataracts, presbyopia and any other age-related vision problems.

In the Unites States eye specialists are trained and licensed to perform eye surgeries. In Seattle optometrists can perform minor eye surgeries as well as prescribe medications. Opticians, on the other hand, are licensed to fit and change contacts and glasses on people.

A simple and full exam may entail the person to undergo a series of items. These items can include internal and external eye examination, eye coordination review, current eye prescription determination, near and range vision evaluation and review of the person’s family eye history. The cost for the basic exam is usually lower than costs for pediatric testing, laser surgery analyses or contacts fitting. Find out if you can avail of discounts by checking your vision insurance benefits since exam charges can vary widely from eyeglass stores to medical offices.

For a full analysis of your eyes, bring your current prescription contacts or glasses, as well as health insurance information. Our Seattle optometrists will help evaluate your problem much better if you also bring along a list of your prescription medications.  You can also prepare well for your eye exam appointment by bringing a list of questions you may want to ask your doctor.

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