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Cosmetic colored contact lenses

It’s hip to apply different eye colors to change your style and personality as well as to improve your look. That’s why you may see people wearing contacts without prescription to be part of the latest fashion fad. These days prescription-free contact lenses are used for a wide range of cosmetic purposes because they can change the color of your eyes for whatever purpose you have in mind. These contact lenses are called cosmetic colored lenses and are used for a variety of reasons.

One use of non-prescription contact lenses of course, is for special effects or theatrical purposes.  They are in demand for movie genres such as horror or adventure flicks.  A lot of theater and film actors need a different eye color for the role they play, because using the right cosmetic colored lenses make their character more credible and realistic.

The typical special effects contacts used in movies or theater include: purple, red and blue contacts, cat eye contacts, full dark black lenses or glow in the dark lenses.  These contacts can also be used for special occasions, which is the reason the demand is on the rise. However, there can be a potential problem for people with unhealthy or weak eyes developing eye problems if not used properly.

These cosmetic colored lenses are widely available in the eyewear market today. They can be purchased in retail eyewear stores or online at eyewear eCommerce  sites.  If you’re planning on using these non-prescription contact lenses, you may need to let your eyes get accustomed to them by initially wearing them for a limited period of time. — And remember that contact lenses should never be shared, as it can lead to infection that can potentially be dangerous to your eyesight. You also need to make sure your lenses are properly cleaned before and after use, not only to avoid infection but to prolong the lifetime of the lenses as well.

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