Fit, Functionality, Protection and Style.

Choosing the Right Lenses

When selecting the kind of eyewear that you want, you need to consider four important factors: fit, functionality, protection and style.

LensesIt’s a natural thing to have eyewear that fits you comfortably.  The spectacles should just have the right size that perfectly fits your face. Certain frames will suit certain faces, and you need to know the features of your face to properly determine the kind of eyewear that’s best for you as shown in the video below.

One advantage of wearing perfectly fit eyewear for motorcycle enthusiast is that it provides rider protection. Several states now require riders to wear eye protection if they are not wearing facial shields. Popular styles like foam-back glasses are convenient and provide good adequate protection. But before you buy though, you may need to see if the lenses are big enough or if the glasses fit just right.

One good type of glasses that fit comfortably on you is clip-on glasses.  This type of eyewear has a clip that is close to the lens and fits the edges of the glasses properly.

Lenses that are colored provide you great functionality. Some of these lenses are quite popular. They include:

Smoked lenses – These are quite popular, are easy to use and are very durable. Amber lenses are helpful for driving. Smoked lenses filter out blue light and generate a better field of vision with sharp definition and contrast that is quite important for outdoors, overcast and high-glare conditions. Yellow lenses are better for night driving as well as for dangerous conditions of fog and snow as they improve vision brightness and contrast.

Photochromatic and orange lenses – These kinds of lenses help properly adapt you from conditions involving varying light. Polarized lenses protect the eyes from high glare and also protect the retina from sudden flashes of light. Reflective lenses, on the other hand, deflect away the light from the eye allowing your eyes to relax, especially during stressful situations.

Most people choose eyewear, not only for their functionality, but because they are fashionable as well. Branded sunglasses provide the best fashionable and oftentimes the costliest accessories on the market today.

You’ll pick a pair of glasses that fit your face. So if your face is square, you’ll need a square, bold frame, and if your face has a long shape, oval lenses will look good on you.

Photo credit: JJ Losier

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