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The Fashionably Smart Way to Choose Designer Frames.

Designer Frames SeattleThese days making the right decision buying eyeglasses means being fashionably smart as well.  Making the right eyewear decision can be a little tricky because it means an expense that requires some thought if you’re on a budget. This is especially true when you’re on the hunt for trendy frames. There are so many kinds of designer frames available, that you need to find the one that will provide you the best look and feel – and of course good vision. Here are a few helpful tips if you’re in search for the best fashionable designer frames your eyes can buy:

Get a prescription – You need to know what your eyes really need. Looking trendy will mean nothing if your eyewear does not give you the correct vision. Having good eyesight has to come first. Before deciding on any designer frame, you need to consult with your Seattle optometrist first.

Look for a designer frame brand you can trust – Fashion not only means the style is right, it also means getting a good quality product. It is possible to find the best frames from brands like Theo, Anne et Valentin, Face a Face, Oliver Peoples, Alan Mikli and Chrome Hearts.

Get a designer frame that matches your look and personality – Consider the shape and size of your face as well as the style and color of your hair and the color of your skin. Consider also the style and color of your clothing. What’s great is to possess a few designer frames that you can mix and match along with your clothing. You can seek advice from friends you consider to have a high sense of fashion, as well as from the opticians who do this all day long.

Look out for discounts – Occasionally there will be sales or promotions at eyewear stores that will offer discounts on selected items. Sometimes they will include well known brands.

Try out several designer frames – One advantage of buying at local eyewear stores in Seattle as opposed to online is that you get a chance to wear a few frames and see which product looks best on you. Nowadays, online stores have a feature called the virtual mirror. This great innovation enables you to select several styles and see yourself wearing it. You surely will get a kick in seeing what you will look like when wearing different styles of eye frames, but nothing beats the experience of talking one on one with a local optician.

There you have a few practical tips to help you choose fashionable designer frames that will enhance your personality in any occasion.

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Did You Know Every December Market Optical Gives 10% of Sales to 3 Different Charities of Your Choice?

At Pike Place Market Foundation with Travis Dean Mize and Ethan Risvik.

Travis Dean Mize and Ethan Risvik from Market Optical pose with mini-Rachel the Piggybank wearing her favorite eye glasses.

Every December Market Optical gives 10% of it’s sales to 3 different charities of your choice. This years charities are:

So hurry and get your new look before the end of the year and help us donate to these wonderful charities.

We have donated to-date more than $400,000 to support worthy causes in the Seattle, WA area. Check out this write-up from the Pike Place Market Foundation featuring Market Optical.