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Ruvane Richman says selling eyeglasses is in his genes. He's the founder of Market Optical near Seattle's Pike Place Market, which he started at the age of 23. Today Market Optical has two eyewear stores in Seattle and one in Bellevue.

I Can See It In Your Eyes

Cosmetic colored contact lenses

It’s hip to apply different eye colors to change your style and personality as well as to improve your look. That’s why you may see people wearing contacts without prescription to be part of the latest fashion fad. These days prescription-free contact lenses are used for a wide range of cosmetic purposes because they can change the color of your eyes for whatever purpose you have in mind. These contact lenses are called cosmetic colored lenses and are used for a variety of reasons.

One use of non-prescription contact lenses of course, is for special effects or theatrical purposes.  They are in demand for movie genres such as horror or adventure flicks.  A lot of theater and film actors need a different eye color for the role they play, because using the right cosmetic colored lenses make their character more credible and realistic.

The typical special effects contacts used in movies or theater include: purple, red and blue contacts, cat eye contacts, full dark black lenses or glow in the dark lenses.  These contacts can also be used for special occasions, which is the reason the demand is on the rise. However, there can be a potential problem for people with unhealthy or weak eyes developing eye problems if not used properly.

These cosmetic colored lenses are widely available in the eyewear market today. They can be purchased in retail eyewear stores or online at eyewear eCommerce  sites.  If you’re planning on using these non-prescription contact lenses, you may need to let your eyes get accustomed to them by initially wearing them for a limited period of time. — And remember that contact lenses should never be shared, as it can lead to infection that can potentially be dangerous to your eyesight. You also need to make sure your lenses are properly cleaned before and after use, not only to avoid infection but to prolong the lifetime of the lenses as well.

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The Fashionably Smart Way to Choose Designer Frames.

Designer Frames SeattleThese days making the right decision buying eyeglasses means being fashionably smart as well.  Making the right eyewear decision can be a little tricky because it means an expense that requires some thought if you’re on a budget. This is especially true when you’re on the hunt for trendy frames. There are so many kinds of designer frames available, that you need to find the one that will provide you the best look and feel – and of course good vision. Here are a few helpful tips if you’re in search for the best fashionable designer frames your eyes can buy:

Get a prescription – You need to know what your eyes really need. Looking trendy will mean nothing if your eyewear does not give you the correct vision. Having good eyesight has to come first. Before deciding on any designer frame, you need to consult with your Seattle optometrist first.

Look for a designer frame brand you can trust – Fashion not only means the style is right, it also means getting a good quality product. It is possible to find the best frames from brands like Theo, Anne et Valentin, Face a Face, Oliver Peoples, Alan Mikli and Chrome Hearts.

Get a designer frame that matches your look and personality – Consider the shape and size of your face as well as the style and color of your hair and the color of your skin. Consider also the style and color of your clothing. What’s great is to possess a few designer frames that you can mix and match along with your clothing. You can seek advice from friends you consider to have a high sense of fashion, as well as from the opticians who do this all day long.

Look out for discounts – Occasionally there will be sales or promotions at eyewear stores that will offer discounts on selected items. Sometimes they will include well known brands.

Try out several designer frames – One advantage of buying at local eyewear stores in Seattle as opposed to online is that you get a chance to wear a few frames and see which product looks best on you. Nowadays, online stores have a feature called the virtual mirror. This great innovation enables you to select several styles and see yourself wearing it. You surely will get a kick in seeing what you will look like when wearing different styles of eye frames, but nothing beats the experience of talking one on one with a local optician.

There you have a few practical tips to help you choose fashionable designer frames that will enhance your personality in any occasion.

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Did You Know Every December Market Optical Gives 10% of Sales to 3 Different Charities of Your Choice?

At Pike Place Market Foundation with Travis Dean Mize and Ethan Risvik.

Travis Dean Mize and Ethan Risvik from Market Optical pose with mini-Rachel the Piggybank wearing her favorite eye glasses.

Every December Market Optical gives 10% of it’s sales to 3 different charities of your choice. This years charities are:

So hurry and get your new look before the end of the year and help us donate to these wonderful charities.

We have donated to-date more than $400,000 to support worthy causes in the Seattle, WA area. Check out this write-up from the Pike Place Market Foundation featuring Market Optical.

Fit, Functionality, Protection and Style.

Choosing the Right Lenses

When selecting the kind of eyewear that you want, you need to consider four important factors: fit, functionality, protection and style.

LensesIt’s a natural thing to have eyewear that fits you comfortably.  The spectacles should just have the right size that perfectly fits your face. Certain frames will suit certain faces, and you need to know the features of your face to properly determine the kind of eyewear that’s best for you as shown in the video below.

One advantage of wearing perfectly fit eyewear for motorcycle enthusiast is that it provides rider protection. Several states now require riders to wear eye protection if they are not wearing facial shields. Popular styles like foam-back glasses are convenient and provide good adequate protection. But before you buy though, you may need to see if the lenses are big enough or if the glasses fit just right.

One good type of glasses that fit comfortably on you is clip-on glasses.  This type of eyewear has a clip that is close to the lens and fits the edges of the glasses properly.

Lenses that are colored provide you great functionality. Some of these lenses are quite popular. They include:

Smoked lenses – These are quite popular, are easy to use and are very durable. Amber lenses are helpful for driving. Smoked lenses filter out blue light and generate a better field of vision with sharp definition and contrast that is quite important for outdoors, overcast and high-glare conditions. Yellow lenses are better for night driving as well as for dangerous conditions of fog and snow as they improve vision brightness and contrast.

Photochromatic and orange lenses – These kinds of lenses help properly adapt you from conditions involving varying light. Polarized lenses protect the eyes from high glare and also protect the retina from sudden flashes of light. Reflective lenses, on the other hand, deflect away the light from the eye allowing your eyes to relax, especially during stressful situations.

Most people choose eyewear, not only for their functionality, but because they are fashionable as well. Branded sunglasses provide the best fashionable and oftentimes the costliest accessories on the market today.

You’ll pick a pair of glasses that fit your face. So if your face is square, you’ll need a square, bold frame, and if your face has a long shape, oval lenses will look good on you.

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Shopping for Eyewear… Oh the Options!

Buy SunglassesSeveral decades ago eyewear was considered a hindrance to looking good. Nowadays high brand shop glasses from Dior, Prada, Gucci or Armani often enhances a person’s look and desirability. Now, it is often a great asset and a necessity to wear fashionable eyewear if you want people to notice you.

With the creation of the contact lens, people now have the freedom to select between contact lenses and glasses. They can use framed glasses, for example, for regular use and on special occasions use their contact lenses instead.

Most people know how cool sunglasses are. They are now termed “Shades” and can make a male or a female extremely “chic” if he/she chooses the right sunglasses for himself/herself.  Sunglasses now have two basic purposes: to create a fashion statement and to shield the eyes from the sun.  Fashionable optical shops tend to be more desirable to a person with a more expensive taste, but it is not uncommon to find very stylish glasses that are very reasonably priced.

Today, there is such a wide variety of choices of lenses and frames that a person can avail of. The lenses can be made of fiber or glass. Colored lenses are also available that can provide some glamour to a person. Some lenses are photo-chromatic meaning their lenses change color along with the brightness of the light – when you are indoors, these lenses look bright but if you go out into the sun, the lenses darken a little.

There are likewise several varieties of frames. Frames can come in plastic or metal. One frame can look different when combined with other materials. Frames have different colors, shapes and angles. Some can be straight and simple while others are angled. Frames can have different shapes like rectangular, oval or round. Their rims can be a full rim or half rim or can be narrow or broad. The half rim can be open at bottom or the top.

So the next time you’re on a mission to buy eyeglasses, you may need to consider most of those those factors if you want to find eyewear that looks the best on you.

You need to consider the material of the lenses and frame of the eyewear. Bear in mind that glass and metal cause eyewear to be heavier compared to eyewear made of fiber or plastic. Lots of times, however, people don’t care if their eyewear is heavy as long as they really look good in it.

Consider the fit, the frames and the shape of your face and the color of your eyewear, a round face usually will look good in rectangular frames. For people who have square shaped faces, they will look better wearing round frames. Frames look good on you if they make your face look longer and thinner.

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How To Find a Good Eyewear Boutique in Seattle.

Theo Eyewear in SeattleA good eyewear boutique should be known for its huge range of designer eyeglass frames that incorporates fashionable and sophisticated eyewear from all over the world. This means it not only has the most fashionable brand names in the world such as Theo, Anne et Valentin, Face a Face, Oliver Peoples, Alan Mikli, Chrome Hearts, but also offers the most sophisticated and advanced lenses sold in the market today.

While it is quite a statement looking good wearing designer eyewear brands such as Prada, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, it is even more important that a client sees extremely well through his luxury frames. What good is it to wear premium fashion brand eyewear in Seattle if you can’t see clearly through them?  With the correct lenses, life can look much clearer – what better to provide them than some of the best lens makers in the world.

The technology of lens making is ever-evolving with digital lenses considered as the most progressive. While a lot of fair-branded digital lenses have issues such as hard-to-find intermediate distances, peripheral distortions and narrower reading areas, the premium brands provide improved night vision, sharper contrast and clearer vision. High quality brands also feature superior aesthetics which is the reason why countless numbers of people all over the world buy these types of lenses since they consider their eyesight to be one of the most important factors of their life that they need to care for the most.

A first-class eyewear boutique may also carry premium brands and leaders of photographic technology. Some of these brands produce advanced technology developing lens coatings and materials that boost the benefits of eyeglass lenses today with regard to eyesight and vision. These brands such as Nikon have created products that provide the wearer with unmatched comfort and lenses that rival or almost match real natural vision.

A first class eyewear store will offer world class plastic lenses and optics that are widely varied and provide the user with complete and guaranteed UV protection. This store will also offer the public some of the thinnest lenses on the market as well. It assists its clients into selecting the best luxury eyewear frames suited for their appearance and lifestyle. The store should also understand that choosing the right lens for its clients is very important for optimizing their vision.  As such it should offer buyers digital lenses that possess the perfect combination of coating, material and design.

In order to become the most stylish and trendiest eyewear boutique in Seattle and Bellevue area, an eyewear boutique should likewise offer its sophisticated clients the widest selection of semi-exclusive and exclusive brands from around the world – from small, stylish independent companies in Japan to high-powered fashion houses in Italy.

Prescription Sunglasses – The Sky’s the Limit!

Kayak paddle the coastline.The market offers many kinds of prescription sunglasses today to suit any person’s style and taste. For people who want clip-ons, fitovers are offered that are created to “fit over” your present eyewear. These fitovers are separate sun glasses that you can temporarily use shifting from wearing these fitovers with your prescription eyewear. Devices called “adapters” are prescription lenses created to easily connect to the bridge of a pair of sunglasses thus instantly morphing them into prescription or corrective sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses are now being used by some athletes for their sporting activities. Some of these players you can see on TV when you watch an NBA basketball game. The glasses they wear are like snug goggles which some of them in fact, are also corrective goggles that are designed for these types of activities. Prescription sunglasses are also widely used by snow sports enthusiasts, race car drivers, bikers and many others.  Prescription eyewear, some time ago, were difficult to fit into wrap-around shades. Nowadays, some manufacturers were able to find ways that enabled corrective lenses to be integrated into trendy wrap-around shades.

Trendy SunglassesLenses can be crafted from a wide array of materials. Glass can now be bypassed for other materials because of its high likelihood to break when hit and also because of its weight. Nowadays, prescription lenses are fashioned out of high-index, polycarbonate regular plastic (CR-39). One kind of lens known as a photochromic lens is tends to turn dark in bright sunlight and changes into a more translucent and light color when sunlight is decreased. These lenses are potentially useful since the user may not need to remove his or her corrective sunglasses to put on regular glasses. One thing to note though is that certain photochromic lenses are not created to protect eyes from UV or ultraviolet ray protection.

People with vision problems can now benefit in wearing polarized lenses. Polarized lenses can be utilized for protection sunglasses. This type of lens shields the eyes from glare as it bounces off sunlight on surfaces like snow, pavement, metal or water. Polarized lenses filter out light waves causing the glare but also let in the other positive attributes of light. This enables the user to enjoy his vision much better without needing to strain the eyes and squinting against the light of the sun.

It is highly advised to first talk to an eye specialist before buying a pair of prescription sunglasses so that you know the grade of glasses you need. You need to be aware that the grade of spectacles can be different from the grade of your contact lens if you are using contact lenses. Certain frame designs may not look good on you either because the lenses you need may be too thick to fit into the frame you desire or the frame does not go well with the shape of your face

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What You Should Know About Prescription Eyeglasses

Prescription EyeglassesNot so many people are endowed with 20/20 vision throughout their lives. Sometimes we need some kind of prescription eyeglasses to help us along the way.

Why would a person need to wear prescription eyeglasses?  Here are some of the reasons:

Hyperopia or farsightedness – This is a condition when the eyeball is not deep enough causing the image to focus beyond the eye. People with hyperopia see images far away quite sharply but nearby images look like a blur to them. To correct this problem, the light rays need to come together or converge on the retina. Convex corrective lenses are prescribed for this problem.

Myopia or nearsightedness – Myopia happens when the image focuses in front of the retina. As a result people with this problem only see nearby images clearly while remote images seem to look blurry.  Concave lenses are given for this problem since they help bend light rays and causing light from far away images to converge right on the retina.

Presbyopia – This condition occurs when the eye lens becomes inelastic or is no longer able to change shape. Presbyopia often happens around the age of 40 causing farsightedness on those affected. Bifocal lenses are prescribed for this condition. Bifocals posses a second lens placed on the main lens to enable the person to see both far and near images almost simultaneously without any need to shift to different eyeglasses.

Astigmatism – Astigmatism is a commonly occurring eye problem that develops when an irregular curvature of the cornea develops causing blurred vision. The light rays cannot converge or focus on a single point because of the irregular curvature.  The first step in correcting this problem is to locate the area of the irregularity that then enables the development of the correct eyeglass lens to help convey light rays passing through that area into proper focus.

When problems like amblyopia, astigmatism, hypo-myopia or myopia occur, it implies that light waves aren’t reaching the back of the eye correctly as it should, causing images to become distorted and blurred. Prescription eyeglasses such as multifocal or single vision glasses, as well as sunglasses created to bend light waves to certain degrees to help them reach the back of the eye properly, help the person wearing them to see images in a clear and proper way.

Whenever you are shopping around for eyeglasses in Seattle, you need to remember that selecting the wrong lenses can seriously affect your overall health and especially the health of your eyes. Eye problems can lead to a plethora of symptoms from headaches to nausea and far more serious problems. So you should not purchase cheap eyeglasses just because you’re on a tight budget. Take a complete eye examination first and afterwards get your updated eyeglasses prescription and consider choices for purchasing high quality discount glasses.

Don’t Neglect Your Vision – Eye Exams Are Your Friend.

Eye Exam Seattle

Each individual should undergo full eye exams at certain periods in their lives. Children’s eyes should be evaluated at 6 months and at 3 and 7 years of age for a few years while in school since studies have revealed that many pre-school and school-age children suffer from vision difficulty. Children who are highly susceptible to vision difficulties, such as those who have had eye injuries, family histories of vision conditions, flipped eyes, suffered from developmental delays or where born prematurely may need to undergo much more repeated eye exams.

Older individuals at certain age ranges may require eye exams in different regularities. Adults below the age of 40 and who have no discernible eye problems, should undergo at least one exam every three or four years according to the American Optometric Association. For those wearing contacts or eyeglasses, an annual checkup is required. Individuals with conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes among others may likewise need to have frequent eye tests.  People above 40 years may need to have eye exams once or twice a year while individuals beyond 50 years of age may require annual exams to test for macular degeneration, cataracts, presbyopia and any other age-related vision problems.

In the Unites States eye specialists are trained and licensed to perform eye surgeries. In Seattle optometrists can perform minor eye surgeries as well as prescribe medications. Opticians, on the other hand, are licensed to fit and change contacts and glasses on people.

A simple and full exam may entail the person to undergo a series of items. These items can include internal and external eye examination, eye coordination review, current eye prescription determination, near and range vision evaluation and review of the person’s family eye history. The cost for the basic exam is usually lower than costs for pediatric testing, laser surgery analyses or contacts fitting. Find out if you can avail of discounts by checking your vision insurance benefits since exam charges can vary widely from eyeglass stores to medical offices.

For a full analysis of your eyes, bring your current prescription contacts or glasses, as well as health insurance information. Our Seattle optometrists will help evaluate your problem much better if you also bring along a list of your prescription medications.  You can also prepare well for your eye exam appointment by bringing a list of questions you may want to ask your doctor.

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Eyeglass Care – Getting The Most Out of Your Eyewear

Eyeglasses are not a cheap item, so with a little proper eyeglass care you can make them last a long time, assuming of course your vision doesn’t need a new prescription.

The first thing you’ll need is a microfiber cleaning cloth and a hard eyeglass case. A small precision screwdriver (optional but convenient), soap and water and the pre-moistened cleaning cloths they sell at any drugstore.

Secondly, you’ll want to inspect to make sure the small screws on your eyeglasses are tight and that they align on your face properly. Take the small screwdriver and tighten the loose screws. If you don’t have a precision screwdriver, you can bring them into any of our three eyeglass stores in Seattle or Bellevue and we’ll do it for free as a courtesy.

Thirdly,  with the microfiber cloth which is made specifically for lenses, clean your eyeglasses frequently. If for any reason they are extremely dirty, you can clean them with dish washing liquid and water, then rinse them well and let them air dry. You can also use the pre-moistened cloths.

Another precaution you should take is to buy an eyeglass chain so you can use it whenever you are performing any kind of handy work around the house or workplace so they don’t fly off your face and get damaged.

And last but not least, remember to always remove your eyeglasses using both hands. Removing them with one hand will cause the frame to bend gradually over time, eventually making them uncomfortable to wear.